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bail and was released that same night. the u.s. attorney's office and san francisco da are working out who will try the case. stern is not his attorney but says the deputy faces a rough road. >> courts have been known to deafuate and come down more hashly on law enforcement officers based on an expectation that's higher than the general public. >>> deputy's first court appearance is set for next monday. >>> to oakland where defense attorneys for the accused gunmen at a mass shooting say the suspect is not fit for trial. a psychologist claims he's a paranoid schizophrenic and cannot understand court proceedings. the victim's families say he shouldn't get away with it. >> he shouldn't be a coward. let him own up to what he did. >> reporter: the defense needs a second psychoyacht tick opinion and there is a delay in the case because he asked for an interpreter. >>> a follow-up on the arrest of a southern california man at a security check point. officials say he was wearing a watch that looks like a trigger for an explosive device. the 49-year-old went to court and learned the coun
care. they're asking for clear concessions but in most cases, they're in line with, or better than u.s. health care benefits. >> that's what we want to be taken to our nurses for the vote. >> this is almost verbatim of their first offer to us, almost verbatim. so no, we have not taken a vote. >> reporter: as of right now, it looks like there's a stalemate between the two groups. this is an one day strike however, they have employed temporary workers for five days. live in berkeley, i'm paul chambers, ktvu, news. >> they include alta bay, san lean -- deadly shooting of a long time business other than. the 50-year-old was shot and killed in this mobile phone store on international boulevard last night. police say it was during a lore. today, family and friends left candles outside of marcus cellular. it's been a mainstay on the boulevard for 14 years. today, the children shared photos and memories of their father's character. >> leading by example of what you should be as a man, as a father, as a friend, as a businessowner, as a good samaritan. he led by that, he gave that. >> the family
protest. their emergency: stop the war on gaza, and they meant to protest the u.s. support of israel. >> i'm here because i've seen this too many times before, israel being the aggressor against palestine. >> u.s. aid to israel should be ended because they have the most powerful armyand continues to receive at least $3 billion a year in u.s. military aid. >> reporter: and a counterprotest was organized and police made their presence known, trying to diffuse the situation. pro israel groups out here, also with flags and signs, they didn't nearly have the same number saying that their demonstration was if together quickly. but they believe that hama is in their hand. i couldn't i was here when the rockets first hit and then it was really, really horrible to be in southern israel and so constantly be looking out for the alarms. >> the jewish community stands behind israel right now. no one wants war, but every citizen has a right to be defended by its country. >> reporter: now police defy quite a few barricades out here, as well as nearly 20 officers. they tell us no arrests were made a
attitude to take this step. >>> americans are ready to help solve the u.s. fiscal crisis. >> building roads is important. investing in schools is important. paying for the national defense is important. bio medical research is important. the space program is an inday -- indicator of the world leader. all of that takes money. >> reporter: this week uc regents will consider a hike for students. >>> it was a special veteran's day for some bay area coast guard families as ktvus lorraine b l anco reports. >> it is wonderful to be home on veteran's day and have friend and family waiting on a pier you never get tired of that. >> reporter: finally dad is home and julie is six months preg in -- pregnant. >> it was something to leave this guy behind but now i learned julie is pregnant. it's amazing. >> right when i need him to help out. >> from hawaii to the arctic, the men and women of the u.s. coast guard cutter hope to reconnect with loved ones. for some, serving and sacrifice are a family tradition. >> i saw my father went through the military. and it just meant a lot to him. i just wanted to ex
: the american civil liberties unions failed a lawsuit against the military of the u.s. >> the policy has the effect of closing whole career fields to servicewomen. and closing hundreds of thousands of positions to them. >> reporter: the plaintiffs include four women who have fought in the ground in afghanistan. zoe badel led a team of 46 servicewomen. >> they wore the same gear and they carried the same rifles and when the unit was attacked, my marines fought back. >> reporter: search and rescue pilots jennings hagard earned a purple heart after shrapnel left her with scars. >> the men that i served with didn't care if i was a woman, they cared if i could do the job. >> reporter: the >> reporter: -- a retired u.s. marine officer says that -- >> leon panetta tells us he's open to opening positions to women. >>> the dow lost 89 points, nasdaq dropped eight. senate majority leader harry reed said he was frustrated by the lack of progress in budget talks. the numbers are in and this cyber monday was the biggest online shopping day ever. an analysis of 500 businesses found sales were up 30%
children, have been killed. the u.s. state department and the united -- palestinians, including six children, have been killed. the u.s. state department and the united states are talking. >>> the coach says there are no restrictions on his activities, harbough had a surgery yesterday. >> it is amazing. the heart rate gets back to normal. so, it is -- it is great that they had that technology to get that done. but, the flutter is something that i have had for awhile. probably pretty close to all my life. >> we learned after the hospital procedure yesterday he went to the 9ers santa clara facility and watched an hour of practice. >>> the rush is on to snatch up the last of the twinkies and ho- hos. the company announced they are going out of business. the shops were nearly bear this afternoon. -- bare this afternoon. they plan to go to bankruptcy court on monday. some of the individual brands may be sold and survive but some snacks could be gone forever. >> people are just getting what they can because we we will not be able to get it anymore and it is sad. >> the texas-based company
it's related to drugs. >> the u.s. department of energy estimates this costs the u.s. economy around $1 billion per year. texas is the number two state for having to deal with the problem. they take anything from the coils from lights at a high school stadium to off the air conditioner at a church. they don't care who it is. they just want the metal for the money. >> these units are anywhere from $15,000 to $20,000, so it's costing them a ton of money to repair, a ton of money to fix. at this particular warehouse, this happened twice in a seven-day period. >> they got a new one and it happened again? >> it happened again. the sheriffs department in harris county released the video because they haven't caught these guys, and as you can see, they did it in broad daylight. >>> wild finish to an end of a high school football game. you almost have to see twice to believe what happened here. this is bergen catholic out of new jersey travelled to d.c. to play friendship academy. >> so bergen catholic, white uniform? >> yes. >> the other guys were the black uniform. >> yes. >> that makes it
's a member of the u.s. army. and as you can see, it's an emotional reunion. she had no idea it was coming. >> i love you, baby girl. >> i love you, too. >> any idea how long major banks was deployed? >> major banks was completing his third tour of duty, and he's been gone for the last eight months. >> and the whole world just disappears for her at this moment. >> yeah. >> she's just so into her dad at that moment. nothing else matters, you can tell. >> gets you choked up, because you see how much love there is right there in that moment between the two of them. you're right. the rest of the world doesn't exist any longer. >> i missed you, too, baby. >>> it's monday, everybody, and we are giving away another ipad 3. now, we had a little problem with friday's giveaway in some cities. so we're tacking on an extra day to our giveaway. >> yep. adding an extra day and another ipad so we'll be doing this thing all the way through thanksgiving day. >> showing a little extra love. right, steven? >> right. in a bit we'll tell you monday's buzzword and how to enter. >> remember, you have to be 18 ye
there with scott. >> reporter: the president keeps the white house. republicans keep the u.s. house and democrat keep the senate. after two years of washington gridlock, the power structure remains as-is. >> after cheering crowds surrounded the white house and the larger crowds gathered in chicago, president obama smoke. >> we are an american family and we rise or fall together as one nation and as one people. >> the gop keeps the u.s. house, and easily, for the first time in years, there were so many competitive races in california, the votes being talllied late into the night tonight you but democrats couldn't make moves in the west, which will lead to the future of pelosi, the house democratic leader who didn't say if she would stick around. washington state senator murry led a celebration in dc for senate democrats who managed to hold their narrow majority thanks to blow -out wins by candidates in important battleground states. >> one we started almost two years ago now with this cycle, no one thought we would be able to keep the majority. we will do great and keep the majority and have grea
as well as community activists. the message stop the war in gaza and end u.s. support of israel. >> i'm here because i've seen this too many times before with israel the aggressor against the palestinian people. >> i think there's been a false demonstration that israel is retaliating. in fact, already there are far more palestinian casuals than there are israeli. >> reporter: proisrael groups staged a counter protest. >> i am here because i was in israel in 2009 when the rockets first hit. and then it was really, really horrible. >> the jewish community does not want to see this escalate into a full out war but israel has a right to defend its citizens. >> reporter: the san francisco police department had a lot of extra barricades on hand as well as nearly 20 officers on scene just in case. the protest lasted about 90 minutes during the evening rush hour and ended with no injuries and no arrests. in san francisco, cara liu, channel 2 news. >>> a veteran correspondent who is in the middle east says it feels like war. bombs sounded ke thunder in gaza city tonight. israel has launched a
will be the first sitting u.s. president to visit burma, also known as myanmar, to encourage steps toward democracy. he will make a first ever presidential visit to cambodia. the four-day asian visit starts in thailand early tomorrow. >>> we are seeing paula broadwell in public for the first time since the scandal broke that drove david patient to resign as -- david petraeus to resign as head of the cia. they are in d.c. visiting broadwell's brother. the couple lives in charlotte, north carolina. retired petraeus resigned eight days after ago his affair came to light. he has kept a low profile and testified yesterday before a house and senate panels looking into the attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya. he was whisked into the capitol through underground corridors and he now faces a cia inquiry into his conduct. >>> some people hoping to become u.s. citizens got help in san jose today. the would-be citizens got to consult with an attorney for $30. they helped immigrants work through their applications and to see if they qualify for a fee waiver. those attended said they consider u.s. cit
of susan rice about the 9/11 attack against the u.s. diplomatic post in benghazi libya. >> i think she deserves the ability to explain herself and her position just as she said. but she's not the problem. the problem is the president of the united states who on -- in a debate with mitt romney said that he had said it was a terrorist attack, he hadn 't. >> rice has maintained she based her statements on protesters on cia intelligence available at the time. four americans including u.s. ambassador to libya chris stevens were killed. >>> police are making progress in recovering some 2 million donations made to the salvation early. police in toronto said earlier in the year they discovered a person had made off with donations of toys and good. tips led them to a trailer where they found toys and food. >> officers did find toys, personal items as well. items that were donated to the salvation army. >> the salvation army believes that the men were working inside. they have been overwhelmed with new donations. >>> survivors of super storm sandy are calling it -- to injury. >> how dare you kic
is punishing seven u.s. navy seals for helping a redwood city video game developer. the seals pay will be docked for sharing information with the designers of medal of honor war fighter. chronic art says they used the seal to help make the game more realistic including fighting tactics and specialty weapons. the navy says the consulting work was not authorized. ktvu's david stevenson tells us why -- >> reporter: this week the city began preparing for being the first to pay for sex change surgeries. they already provide mental health surgeries and hormone therapy for those who qualify. >> one of the services that we did not have was sexual reassignment surgeries so what this does is add to the continuing care. >> it's more of a choice. it should be spent more on other more pressing health matters like homeless people's health. >> reporter: cecilia chung says it is not a choice. >> it's really helped me to find a way to improve my quality of life. >> reporter: chung points to the discrimination and violence faced every day by women and men. >> if you look around the country, more th
that the men stole the victim's cell phone and then took off on foot. >>> the u.s. postal service released a statement that they say beat a pile. the incident happen on sandy bridges court. residents in the area were warned that they were at risk for identity theft. >>> california posted stronger than expected job gains last month. as a result the jobless rate ticked a bit lower. the unenemployment rate jumped to 10.1%. >>> here in the bay area the unemployment rate remains less than average. solano county has the highest therm -- highest average personality of 10.1. >>> intended to lock construction of the high speed rail lines through the central valley. a group of farmers had filed a lawsuit to host construction. the rail authority did not conduct an environmental review. the state is expected to be herd next year. today's decision allows. >>> one of oakland's most wanted suspects is is under arrest. he was taken into cushionty woo just happened to be eating at that same registration rant and how that let to the arrest. >> place price this call this arrest a textbook revolution. offic
. that body has not been recovered yet. we're working in coordination with the u.s. coast guard so that we can respectfully and most efficiently recover the body. >> that ceo today vowed to continue severalling for the second -- continue searching for the second worker's body. >>> larksburg native laporte- oshiro is receiving a scholarship to oxford. >>> ktvu's ken pritchett reports this year there's a new twist. referee: - - >> this year the cones have moved from the left to right. but not everything has changed. the turkey counter reu mains. >> everything is smaller, we have no storage -- the turkey counter remains. >> everything is smaller, we have no storage. >> reporter: what's donated curb side now goes into a cold storage truck for delivery. >> the hilton hotel has been very generous to letting us use their freezer and storage. >> reporter: it's an arrangements that worked this year and next year as well. the new modern spacious dining hall won't be complete until 2014 with still some fund raising still to do. >> we're about 87% of the way. so we have a $22 million project we have abou
million young people in the u.s. between 18 and 29. kevin moore says voting at any age is important. >> voting is very important for everybody because we supposedly live in a democracy but if people don't vote then there's no democracy. >> 61% of young americans are registered to vote. caroline says voting simply slipped her mind. >> mainly because i didn't have the time and i was just, yeah, busy. it wasn't in my mind at all. >> what were you busy with? >> school. most busy with school. >> young people feel their voices won't make a difference. cheyenne says it isn't the case for her. >> if everybody had that opinion then nobody would show up to difference and it definitely would make a difference. >> the estimate for next week is that only 48% of young americans will vote. reporting from san jose, pedro garcia, update news. >> joining us now is thrill science professor dr. percival. >> thanks for having me here. >> do you think young people have an impact on the outcome of proposition 30? >> absolutely it will. this is going to be a very close contest. proposition 30, if you lo
. she's been modeling in europe and in the u.s. for how long now, julie? >> over 30 years. >> 30 years, wow, o.k. first julie's going to go ahead and show how dermawand provides instant stimulation for eye lifts and then she's going to continue working on just one side of the face. so go ahead and take a look at that, julie. just keep going. [gentle buzzin oh, i'm already seeing some results here. how long have you been using the dermawand? >> over eight years, now. and my skin is better now at the age of 53 than it was when i was 33 years old. >> wow, look at that! look at julie's eyebrow. it really appears to be lifted and then look at the whole eye area. it now has volume and it's just opened right up. i mean, look at the difference. and then look in these other areas that i want you to notice. like she doesn't have crow's feet, and trust me, if you want to reduce the appearance of crow's feet, you need to look at the dermawand. it's going to do it for you. i mean, look around julie's chin line and look at the cheek area. look at the corner of the mouth. i mean, her skin seems to be
of mendono. the quake was at a depth of 24 miles. >>> u.s. postal service is offering a $10,000 reward to help catch bay area mail thieves. neighbors provided the police with home surveillance video of the thieves at work. the police advise them not to leave outgoing mail in their boxes. it is punishmentable to time in prison and $25,000 fine. >>> high school football game of the week goes deep into the heart of danville. monthy vista high are renewing their rivalry. we are -- monte vista high are renewing their rivalry. >> reporter: the 50th meeting develop -- between these teams. it is tight here. they can tie for the league championship with california high school, the one team that defeated california high school is monthy vista playing here tonight. -- monte vista playing here tonight. they are talking about how it is personal. >> these are neighbors, it is finally that high school senior year for a lot of them to get bragging rights. >> you look at the league record, 4-1. overall is 4-5. an unusual season. very much so. you know, i think, actually, i think we learned more from
for the plaintiffs today announced the case have been granted class action status by an u.s. district court in seattle. the law suit alleges that the pizza chain sent the text messages to people who previously ordered from. the tell -- without a consumer's permission. well, it was great for everyone, but the business offered it. the mistake that sent off a rush of drivers to one gas station. and today was the warmest day of the week. we hope you enjoyed it, because meteorologist ross tells us that it's about to change. >> california officially launched its cap and trade program today, auctioning permits for granny house gas emissions. the board allowed selling of allowances. under the program, businesses are required to pay premiums for levels of pollution that rise above limits set by the state. businesses can use credits to off set those people's. >> yeah, the weather pattern, gasia, about to change, yeah, we had the sunshine, the 70s out there, and even a few mid 70s. tomorrow in the so bad. but transition day, storms just in time for the weekend. there's a weather system out here in the
and friends, and how far some target employees say that -- an u.s. cabinet membrane traveled to west ma richard nixon n today, for a first time look at an oyster farm that's about to be shut down. sea shores desires in nine days. the oyster form causes environmental damages with. did you drakes bay says they're a green, sustainable operation. diane feinstein gave him the final say. >> i'm spending the kind of time, understanding all the dimensions of the decision before we. >> drakes bay has asked the secretary of state to spend its lease for four years. >>> the union picket shut down the port of portland today. some drivers had to wait for hours to make their ways to the shipping terminals. many drivers expressed frustration about the long wait. ktvu news spoke with one driver who said that had shut down caused her $200, and she may not be able to to get home to spend thanksgiving with her foam. they say that thanksgiving is one of the busiest days of the year for the port. a noisy demonstration gets the attention of walmart shoppers keep there are bigger plans to disrupt black friday.
the state for the november 6th election. >>> the u.s. congress returned from its holiday realize today, to look over the so-called fiscal cliff. some existing tax cuts will expire. that could slow the economy or even move it back into recession. up until now, republicans have been unwilling to consider raising taxes, something that democrats say has to change. >> as president eisenhower says, there will have to be compromises and seeking the middle of this rote isn't just acceptable, it's the only way forward. >> most republicans signed a pledge to never raise taxes, but gop law makers say that now they'll have to put that pledge aside for the good of the nation. >>> on wall street, the markets.finished mixed, nasdaq gained nine, apple leading the way up 8%. >>> shareholders. some analysts had suggested that investigators are underestimate's facebook's growth potential from ad revenue. the stock gained 8% today but is still well below its public offering price. six months ago, the company went public with an ipo price of $38 a share. >>> securities and exchange commission. walters who'
. >> they carried the same rifles. >> family members of u.s. military seeking recognition for their roles. the new legal battle to balance the field of combat. >> and detailed look at your wet and windy commute coming up. look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy u-verse high speed internet. you know, in my day you couldn't just start streaming six ways to sunday. you'd get knocked off. and sometimes, it took a minute to download a song. that's sixty seconds, for crying out loud. we know how long a minute is! sitting, waiting for an album to download. i still have back problems. you're only 14 and a half. he doesn't have back problems. you kids have got it too good if you ask me. [ male announcer ] now u-verse high speed internet has more speed options, reliability and ways to connect. rethink possible. reliability and ways to connect. [ traffic passing ] ] ♪ [ music box: lullaby ] [ man on tv, indistinct ] ♪ [ lullaby continues ] [ baby coos ] [ man announcing ] millions are still exposed to the dangers... of secondhand smoke... and some of them can't do anything about it. ♪ [ continues ] [
to tweets while on vacation to no lights on during evening hours. ktvu channel 2 news. >>> the u.s. postal service says getting ready to do same day delivery service. post office says it will be launched in three neighborhoods in san francisco in middecember. now, for $10 people who shop at 10, yet-to help be-named retailers will be able to get their punches in as little as two hours. >> instant gratification in our society and it is nice and it is great they are getting on board with that. >> we are in a rush to get stuff. so, that sounds really good. >>> the cash-strapped service hopes to bring in $50 million in the next year and could expand to other cities. >>> one grocery's store's holiday leftovers will be a blessing for clients at a food kitchen. trader joe's boxed up 200 turkeys that did not sell for thanksgiving dinner and donated them to saint anthony's dining room. they say such donations really help because the need does snot end with thanksgiving. >> we can use this thought november, december, january. people love the meat. it is the most expensive thing on our tray. >> hopefu
the m-16 made to accommodate u.s. ordinances into a launcher as well. >> i don't think the tablet is going to stand much of a chance here. >> they do a quick rundown of the pros and cons of the microsoft surface. so there is some information in here. >> you shouldn't use your -- microsoft surface as like a bulletproof vest? >> not effective. >> one rifle doesn't do it, he does the old -- dual-wielding -- right. the promo is pretty neat. >> you see t bullet itself, which is coo right there. >> i don't think the warranty covers that. >> be careful what you buy on craigslist this season. >> lightly used microsoft tablet for sale. >>> brought us the video of a guy who can move his scalp in creative ways. >> it was totally weird. >> it led us to showcase our weird human tricks. i can make my tongue look like a butt. >> we had a few, i was doing this. i was wiggling my ears. >> we asked our awesome viewers to go to and upload their weird tricks and they did our first viewer, jennifer, she can do some weird elbow motions. >> i can move my elbows without lifting up my
by humans. you notice that especially in the eastern u.s., europe and most notably india and other parts of asia. >> it feels one world. you know, we're all in one world. there really are no problems. look at how interconnected we are. >> can't we all get along? we all share the same dust. that's my birthday. that's what was going on on my birthday, march 20th. >> you were sniffing those aerosols. >> i was over in pennsylvania getting covered in those aerosols. >>> it's gorillas versus a kitten. >> the kitten is cornered by the gorillas. >> okay, this is weird. >> see what the gorillas do with the strange visitor. >> oh, my god! >> until it outsmarts them. >>> and it's called a tail whip, but the tail whip this dude pulls off is -- >> so extreme, he's backwards and then whips it back around. >> so impressive, you'll be >>> we're all familiar with motor homes. but have you ever heard of the boater home? the boater home. you got one of these, your the coolest guy on the boat ramp. check out that extended long van, backing into the water on the boat ramp. it just looks to me like a limo van
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that's about to jump is mark and he belongs to the u.s. army combat unit. his job is also to practice parachute landing falls so that they can test different scenarios in which the parachutes will be used. he jumps and everything seems really smooth. now, i have to tell you, he's carrying about 100 extra pounds of equipment. again, it's part of the test. >> he's going down pretty fast. >> right about here, you hear him say -- the winds are very, very high, and so he's battling with the force of the winds. right about there, you do see him drop the 100 pounds of gear. >> that will slow him down a bit. that's a good idea. >> ahhhh! >> what happened? >> his landing was so hard that he couldn't do anything that he was supposed to. probably why he said this is going to suck. >> ahhhhh! ahhhh! >> when he finally landed, his parachute ended up opening, the wind dragged him. he ends up fracturing his hip, and he did suffer other broken bones, including his ankle. just a little while later, you do see the other guys that were jumping with him come to his aid. >> aaaahhh! >> this happened four
are devastated today. the death toll has climbed to 74 in the u.s. there are fears that number could go higher. president obama got an up close look today at the devastation. he toured the jersey shore with republican governor chris christie. reporter kraig boswell joins us live to talk about the long road ahead, and the problems that remain. >> reporter: julie, good evening to you. president obama, governor christy landed just to our north here. we're in north atlantic city along the boardwalk here. the northern part of the boardwalk that is no longer there. the president said help is on the way. they will not rest until everyone has rebuilt. words, optimistic words that people here really needed to hear so they can figure out what to do next. >> catastrophe, it's going to take a long time to recover from it. >> reporter: in some areas, people are able to begin cleaning up. crews are pumping water out of flooded dwellings, and residents are throwing out possessions ruined by the storm. >> i grew up around here, never saw anything like this before. >> reporter: a total of 6 million people are
is connected to tuesday's u.s. . >>> with less than three days until election day both president obama and mitt romney crisscrossed the country in an all out sprint towards the finish line. >> we have almost forgotten what a real recovery looks like and what americans can achieve when we limit government instead of the limiting the dreams of our fellow americans and that is about to change. [ applause ] >> romney ended his day in colorado, but i started across the country in new hampshire and then appeared in iowa and ohio. polls show mitt romney and president obama running neck- and-neck. >> another $5 trillion tax cut that favors the wealthy, not changed. refusing to answer questions about details of your policies until after the election, that has definitely not changed. >> president had some star power, singer john mellencamp and kate walsh opened for him in iowa and singer katy perry appeared. >>> there were long lines of voters in the critical swing state in ohio. president obama's re-election campaign had gone to court to chala plan by ohio to cut back on early voting. supreme court
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to charge them. >>> the special tribute today at the u.s.s. hornet for one very well-known veteran. >> a reminder you can get ktvu news good morning! wow. want to start the day with something heart healthy and delicious? you're a talking bee... honey nut cheerios has whole grain oats that can help lower cholesterol. and it tastes good? sure does! right... ♪ wow. delicious, right? yeah. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... ♪ well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy. this morning the alameda county united in defense ip grant rights coalition held a community forum about their campaign. the program accepts fingerprints of people arrested to immigration and customs enforcement to be deported atch a community organize say because of the program, victims of crimes are afraid to call for help. >> that is not justice. it's not fair. and it erodes the trust that the community has with the police. >> in september governor jerry brown vetoed a bill that would limit the use of the program, but pledged to work on a new version. >>> a heroic less city c
honest and hoping to fix it. >> reporter: toyota is voluntarily recalling 600,000 priuses in the u.s. the 2004 through 2009 models. the problem is a potentially defective steering wheel. of the same cars, 300,000 may also have a faulty water pump that may cause the prius to stall. they will automatically check all priuses which come in for any type of service, to see if they're affected by the recall. if so, the prius will be fixed. toyota has said it has not had any reports of injuries. >> if they have any concerns at all, they should go to the dealership and we'll do whatever we can to satisfy. >> reporter: this comes on the heels of another recent recall for power switches which could ignite. despite this, loyal toyota customers tell us, they're not worried. >> they take care of it. >> reporter: one way to find out if your prius is on the recall list is to go to your registration form, get the vin number, go to toyota's website for owners. there's a spot where you can enter this vin number, and it will let you know whether your prius is on that recall list. reporting live in fremo
the fire. >> reporter: the u.s.a. is monitoring efforts to end the bloodshed. an sifts say if there isn't a cease-fire in the next 48 hours, it is all but certain, the situation will escalate. >> israel credits its missile intercepter system, known as the iron dome with intercepting missiles. the israelis say the system has a 90% effective rate so far, including intercepting one missile last night over tel aviv. some israelis say it's because of the success of the iron dome that israel has not escalated the conflict, or ordered a ground invasion of gaza. >>> here at home, hostess executives and union representatives are set to meet tomorrow with a mediator. the last ditch effort to avoid liquidation came as the urging of a bankruptcy judge. employees remain cautious out on the picket line. >> we don't know what's going to happen tomorrow. we'll see what news we get from up above, if it's good, or if it's negative. >> the ceo of hostess indicated if mediation does not show progress within 24 hours, it is likely hostess will return to court monday and renew its effort to liquidate th [ la
that service. >>> a cease-fire between israel, and hamas. the u.s. role in bringing both sides together, and a devastating attack, just this morning. >> also, protesters storm a bay area wal-mart. the message they send, and which stores they plan to target next. >> first, the reminder that you can get >>> happening now, a line of people out a south bay store waiting for black friday. some of them have already been there for several days now. what's interesting is that at a lot of other stores where you might expect to find lines, there aren't any. ktvu's matt keller in san jose now to explain what's going on. >> reporter: frank, black friday deals actually start on friday here at best buy. 12:00a.m., to be exact. these people have been in line for several days, waiting for the best deal. the products may be different. >> xbox 360 hopefully. >> i want a new tv and a game system. >> reporter: be one of the first inside when best buy opens friday at midnight. >> save half a grand, maybe a grand. >> reporter: this group arrived last friday to be the first in line. >> why not a week? >> repo
earthquake jolted part of rural monterey county. a handful of people posted on u.s.g.s. website that they felt the quake, but no reports of damage. >>> bart officials are looking for way wees to increase ridership. bart metro could boost ridership by 50% by 2015. the plan calls for increased service, faster rush hour service and express trains that would only stop at some stations. the upgrades depend on bart finding enough money to improve its aging system. >>> this late-night fire destroyed a car and what the voc's owner saw seconds before the fire that has investigators suspicious that this was set returning to developing news near san francisco airport a fatal accident involving a pedestrian is causing this major traffic problem near the airport. news chopper 2 is live over the scene right now in san bruno. you can see traffic is being diverted at the top of your screen with the flares on the road. they are taken off northbound 101 and put on 380 to try to get into the coming up next it's a little bit longer route to get there, but certainly better than being stuck on the fr
the job will need to overcome low moral. >>> the u.s. congress returned from its holiday recess and began to try to work for a deal to try to avoid the fiscal cliff. if there's no action by the new year some existing tax cuts will be filed. but finding consensus between republicans and democrats will not be easy. >> as president eisenhower said there will have to be compromises. and seeking compromises is the only way forward. >> some gop lawmakers now say they'll have to put the pledge aside for the good of the country. >>> on wall street the markets remained fixed. the dow dropped 42 points, the nasdaq gained nine. >> tonight at 10:30, the jitters the fiscal cliff is causing on wall street and how some investors are deciding to take action now and not wait. >>> the bay area's storm door is about to swing wide open. the first in the series of wet weather is due to arrive tomorrow morning. we start in the weather center with chief meteorologist bill martin. bill. >> julie, a series of storms set to affect the bay area not that atypical for this time of year. but it is going to be a wet w
to the resignation of cia director now involves another high-ranking military official. general john allen, the top u.s. commander in afghanistan is now being investigated for alleged inappropriate communication with jill kelley. kelley's complaints about e-mails sparked the fbi investigation into the affair between patrais and his biographer. general allen was nominated to be the commander of nato forces in europe. he's denied any wrong doing. his nomination is now on hold. >>> san francisco democrat nancy pilosi is about to announce her plans. the congresswoman is expected to reveal tomorrow whether she'll continue or step aside. she offered no hit today during a press conference in washington. she served four years as speaker of the house before democrats lost the majority in 2010. >>> a bicyclist is recovering after a hit and run crash. the cruel twist that left him without wheels. >>> well, here it is, motor trend's pick for car of the year. we'll show you why came out on top and what it means for the electric car industry and silicone valley. >>> pleasant weather will return for your wednesday, h
. it's a matter of days before we find out. i'm heather holmes. >>> u.s. stock market seemed to rise and fall among the comments on the fiscal cliff. there was optimism that a deal could be reached before christmas. the dow is up 106, the nasdaq up 23. >>> sales of single family homes are dow slightly. a .3% decline was reported today showing a slow recovery for the housing market. economists expect home construction to add to economic growth this year. >>> the megabus service is coming back. the expanded service area includes los angeles, sacramento and reno. and it begins december 12th. fares start as low at $1 for advanced bookings. the price goes up as your travel date gets closer. previously served the west coast back in 2007 and 2008. >>> a 15-year-old faces a judge on charges of attempted murder of a police >>> back now to our storm watch coverage. and you are tracking some significant rainfall. >> it's going to add up and be cumulative through the next few days. take a look at a map of northern california. as we get to sunday we're talking over ten inches of rain.
only works in the u.s. the pyramid in the playground are one of only two in the world. >>> and how travis air force base is now stepping in to help [ female announcer ] pillsbury crescents fabulous but...when i add chicken, barbecue sauce... and cheese...and roll it up woo-wee! i've made a barbecue chicken crescent chow down. pillsbury crescents. let the making begin. here's a better idea. pillsbury grands! flaky layers biscuits in just 15 minutes the light delicate layers add a layer of warmth to your next dinner. pillsbury grands biscuits let the making begin. >>> more relief is on the way to the east coast tonight as crew in the bay area make their way to the storm ravaged communities. the major effort that goes into mobilizing for the disaster. >> reporter: airmen at travis air force bay are part of the support team mobilizing to send supplies to those devastated by hurricane sandy. this morning dozens of airmen loaded the c5 on its way to southern california. there they will be part of a big effort to load planes with generators to help those without power. >> we have active d
to testify on thursday on the u.s. consulate in benghazi. >> governor petraeus will have an insight on this and he has the right to share it with americans. >> reporter: many are wondering why the respected general briefed lawmakers about the attack early on saying it was a spontaneous uprising about an islam film. listen to this portion of a speech by broadwell. >> the cia had actually had taken a couple of libyan malitia members prisoner and they think the attack was to get these prisoners back. >> reporter: any suggestions is still in the detention business is uninformed and baseless. there are four hearings on benghazi this week. the acting fbi director will testify on thursday in place of petraeus. >>> an online petition that calls for the state of texas to succeed from the nation has gotten so many signature that is the white house may have to respond to the petition. so far more than 34,000 people have signed it. in the past the obama administration has said it would respond to any petition against 25,000 signatures or more. so far no comment from the white house. >>> mitt ro
says approximately half of all u.s. pregnancies are unplanned something that costs an estimated of $11 million a year. easier access would help curb that problem. >>> plans to put fluoride in santa clara is moving forward. putting fluoride in the water would cost more than $4 million but sporters say it would help avoid tooth decay. >>> a report from city managers says plastic bag litter was cut in half this year compared to last. the report following this year's clean up of hot spots at 32 creek location. san jose's bring you bag ordnance was implementedded at the beginning of the year. >>> the city considered the healthiest for women. >> they're in the ocean and in the rest of nation; we investigate viruses that are now evolving to infect humans. >> and our chief meteorologist bill martin is tracking rain right now. you see >>> our special report tonight, new evolving viruses that are becoming more dangerous than ever. tonight john fowler shows us how local researchers are in a race against time to discover the mutations and protect the human race. >> reporter: it came from the sea a
turkeys into a yearlong gift. >> want your holiday package fast? really fast. the u.s. postal service hopes to deliver with a new service. the program's limitations and when you can start using it. >>> folks are going to find ways to get things >>> special delivery for the white house today. the first family's christmas tree arrived today by a horse drawn carriage. the first lady michelle obama, sasha, malia and bo were there to meet the tree. >>> letter carriers are delivering more and more packages about 10% more every year. the postoffice needs new revenue. postal officials told me today starting in three yet unannounced san francisco neighborhoods, people may get online purchases delivered in as little as two hours. >> we're very much into instant gratification, it's nice that the postoffice is doing that. >> reporter: amazon says it does same day delivery in some items. wal-mart just started doing it with their own employees delivering. this first in the nation pilot program just in time for christmas is limited to just 10 still unnamed retailers. this order by phone or internet
in california. the u.s. supreme court could announce as early as tomorrow afternoon whether it will review the challenge to proposition eight. that same prop says banned same- sex marriage. but if the justices decide not to hear the case then a lower court ruling that found that ban unconstitutional would stand. san francisco city hall is preparing for a rush of same- sex couples and there are also plans under way for a large celebration in the castro district on monday night. >> today house speaker john boehner rejected president obama's proposal to avoid the fiscal cliff. boehner said no progress was made. boehner accused democrats of not being serious of real spending cuts. but democrats say republicans are causing the hold up. the proposal consisted of $1.6 trillion in higher taxes, they also wanted 50 billion for infrastructure. the president in return approved spending cuts this year and legislation for saving up to $400 million for programs like medicare over a decade. >>> former rivals president obama and governor romney spoke in private. and what they said remains in private. the
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